Atlanta Georgia Family Photos | Taylor-Brawner Park

January 3, 2022

Joe and I returned to Atlanta for the first time in two years this past Thanksgiving and I took a few Atlanta Georgia family photos. We are originally from the ATL and most of our friends and family live there.

I photographed several sessions for several people, and this session turned out the best! Meet Carrie, my college bestie, and her son, Jude. We hadn’t seen each other in two years and it was a super fun reunion at Taylor-Brawner Park! The pretty autumn leaves had long left Colorado, but we still had lots of yellows and oranges in Atlanta!

Most people ask if Carrie and I are sisters! But no, we are not. We met in college at the University of Georgia in the ballet company. While working on our dance majors, we extensively lived through: receiving my very first text message ever (from Carrie), the 2001 Britney-Spears-Slave-4-U-era ultra-low rise jeans fashions, and the ubiquitous downtown party nights! Since then and more recently, we’ve worked so many jobs as look-a-likes, from mermaids, show girls, and swing & salsa dancers to Rockettes, flappers, champagne models, and so much more. Scroll to the bottom for some fun Entertainment Flashbacks!

If you’re interested in Atlanta Georgia family photos, send me a message! I will be road-trippin’ back to the South this coming summer, about mid-June to mid-July!

mom with child on back
child holding onto mom's leg
cute kid in sweater
kid jumping up and down with hair flying
atlanta georgia family photos
mom lifting son in the air
atlanta georgia family photos
mom and son walking together
cute child bootie shoe
mom kissing little boy
mom and son smiling
mom and son being silly
mom and son walking together
little boy hugging mom's leg
atlanta georgia family photos
mom and son walking together
little boy in jeans and boots
mom and son smiling together
mom kissing son who looks at camera
mom and son together

A few of our many, many entertainment jobs, spanning almost 10 years!

“Mary Ann is absolutely the kindest person I’ve ever met in my life!! From our first interaction I said – Yup, I love this lady!!! She was able to capture some of the most breathtaking pictures of our family that we have ever had and create such a fun, loving, laughing experience with memories and pictures that will last a lifetime. I can’t wait to go back in the future and get her to capture more!!! If you are ever in Colorado, please reach out to her! Thank you for everything!!!!” – Kayleigh S.

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