Chastain Park Family Photos

July 13, 2022
A family with 2 young kids walks through Chastain Park in Atlanta.

I’ve had so much fun visiting friends in Atlanta this summer and seeing their kids growing up! This week I met another dance friend for Chastain Park family photos. We were originally meeting elsewhere, but with weather and schedule changes, I opted for Atlanta’s Chastain Park. Also, it’s really tough photographing in Atlanta with all the trees (and clouds, and rain, so many trees, and I haven’t done it since 2019). It’s super challenging to get clean skin tones without muddy shadows. It makes me miss photographing in Colorado’s semi-arid landscape full of open sky (and mountains)!

It’s wild to me that I met Jenn in 1998 at the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program (a residential summer program for gifted and talented high school students who are rising juniors and seniors). We both attended as dance majors. Then, I reconnected with her in 2000 at the University of Georgia (again, at the dance department). We continued dancing together in college and post-college, concentrating primarily in ballet and contemporary dance. And now, it’s been 24 years!

Jenn and Mike married in 2015 and welcomed Madeleine and Carter a few years later. Both kids love nature and being outdoors. And just like her Mama, Madeleine loves to dance. Everyone’s favorite meal is pizza and favorite vacation spot is the beach. They love to vacation and go on hikes.

If you’re interested in Chastain Park family photos, let me know here! I’ll be in the South for about another week and occasionally I travel back! 😀

*Jenn’s and Madeleine’s dresses are from my Client Closet.

Little girl kisses mom on cheek.
Two young kids kiss mom on cheeks in Atlanta.
Sweet girl smiles softly at camera.
A little girls picks tiny mushrooms in Chastain Park.
Chastain Park family photos
A girl and Mom wearing pretty flowing dresses walk through Atlanta's Chastain Park.
pretty fabric on dresses
Local family walks through Chastain Park.
little girl kneels down to pick mushrooms in Atlanta
Dad holds son on hip and daughter's hand
Mom kisses son on cheek!
detail shot of clothes

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