Cheesman Park Senior Photos Denver

Senior Photos
October 26, 2021

I had an awesome time meeting Carly and her mom this past Sunday for Cheesman Park senior photos! I have been wanting to photograph at this beautiful 1910 Neoclassical Pavilion ever since I moved to Denver two years ago! So I’m thrilled that Carly chose this gorgeous spot. By the way, did you know that Denver’s Cheesman Park has a spooky past – it’s totally bizarre!

Carly currently attends Colorado Early Colleges in Parker and is all set to graduate in the Spring of 2022. Though she hasn’t decided which university she would like to attend, she does know that she’d like to focus on both dance and psychology. Dance has always been Carly’s passion and she finds psychology very interesting. Therefore, she would like to combine her two passions and pursue dance movement therapy. In addition, she would like to continue performing and creating as a dancer. Carly dances close to 25 hours per week, but outside of dance, she enjoys sewing, listening to music, and occasionally writing.

Cheesman Park was, to no surprise, totally packed on the day we met! The Pavilion was host to a poms team, a swing dance club, tons of jugglers, smokers and drinkers in the corner, and all the other photographers and typical passersby! I chose to start our session away from the crowd and knew the beautiful fall foliage that was on display would complement Carly’s first outfit. We moved towards the Pavilion during her second outfit while the sun was behind a cloud. Then we finished the session in her cute denim dress at the Pavilion when the sun came back out! I like the save the “fanciest,” so to speak, outfit for last when the light is the most beautiful and flattering!


If you’re ready to book your Cheesman Park senior photos, send me a message! I am already opening dates for the Spring of 2022!

senior girl standing in Cheesman park pavilion
senior girl in orange fall leaves
senior girl walking in fall foliage
dancer jumping in the air
senior girl sitting at Cheesman park pavilion
graduating senior sitting in autumn leaves
senior girl in denim dress
girl in yellow plaid shirt and fall foliage
girl in green romper and denim dress
colorado fall foliage
girl in denim dress walking down steps
girl leaning against column
girl dancing in green romper
senior girl posing in fall folliage
head shot of woman with fall leaves
girl leaning against columns
senior girl with fall folliage
girl sitting on Neoclassical architecture

“Fabulous experience! Mary Ann did a wonderful job with my daughter’s senior pictures. Great location, style, and lighting ideas. So comfortable and creative. Highly recommend!” – Paula T.

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