What Is A Client Closet?

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April 19, 2022
what is a client closet

Hi there Friend! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me posting about my new-for-2022 Client Closet. But you may wonder, what is a client closet? In a nutshell, it is a curated stylish collection of clothing designed to elevate your photos from good to WOW. But let’s break it down further…

What Is A Client Closet?

At its core, the wardrobe is designed to save you time, money, and stress. One of the things I love about taking your photos is that you trust me to help style your photos. Styling can truly elevate the overall look of your gallery tremendously, taking your photos from good to wow. My client wardrobe includes dresses, tops, and skirts (and even some men’s items) that have all been carefully selected to help you look amazing on camera. The idea is that we want all the attention to go to your beautiful faces, not your clothing. All items are softer in color or are non-distracting, subtle prints so that you stay the focus of the photo. And the best part? It’s completely complimentary. Borrowing a garment from my client closet never increases the cost of your session. So what does this mean for:


Maybe you want to wear a beautiful flowy, romantic gown for your engagement or anniversary photos. My client wardrobe is full of lovely dresses that look dreamy on camera. Choosing one of these dresses means you have extra money to invest in professional hair and makeup. And I even have a few men’s suits, sport coats, and ties to up his game, too.


Shopping for coordinated outfits for each family member can take so much time. My closet includes girl’s dress sizes 2-14. And since they’re all designed to coordinate together, planning Mom/Daughter outfits is simple.


It’s hard to find something that fits during this time. Your body is changing daily and you might not want to spend a lot of money on a new wardrobe for such a short period. My client wardrobe dresses are selected to take the pressure off, flatter your changing body, and be comfortable and easy to move in.

flowy soft dresses

What is a Client Closet and how does it work?

Upon booking, you will receive a webpage link that lists each garment with photos, size info, measurements, and additional notes (such as whether or not a dress is lined, what undergarments are recommended, along with other style information). All you have to do is decide which garment(s) you are interested in and let me know. You are free to outfit as many members of your family/group with pieces from my collection, mix and match with pieces from your own closet, or use nothing at all. It’s totally up to you and it will never increase the cost of your session. You are welcome to stop by before your session for a fitting, or I will bring your outfit choices with me; as well as additional items (in the chance that you don’t like the fit). From there, we will get you changed and ready to go.

If you’re ready to book your portrait session, send me a message here. Upon booking, you’ll receive my Location Guide, comprehensive Style Guide, and access to Client Closet, where you’ll be able to see all 50+ garments available to you.

Denver Skyline Engagement Photos on Film
A Mom and her two daughters take beach family photos in Ponte Vedra, FL while wearing blue dresses.
What is a client closet?
What is a client closet?
A mom snuggles with her kids during their fall photo session.
Denver maternity photos on film
pretty dresses
Highlands Ranch engagement photos on film in the spring blossoms
What is a client closet?
Denver engagement film photographer
An engaged couple smiles at the camera in Aspen Colorado.
A pregnant woman takes summertime maternity photos at the Highlands Ranch Mansion.
What is a client closet?
dress sleeves
girl in epic tulle dress runs down the side of the mountain
cute little girl's dress
What is a client closet?
  1. Roy Serafin says:

    This is really great I love the concept behind the client closet. I’m sure this is an immense benefit everyone you work with, closer always like the first thing people want to know about with sessions. “What do I wear?” “Should we match?”

    Definitely feel like this is a great way to answer those questions.

  2. A client closet is such an amazing benefit as a client. Your client closet looks gorgeous.

  3. Melissa Love says:

    As someone who struggles to choose outfits for photoshoots, I SO appreciate this.

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