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April 10, 2023
Castle Rock family photographer

During this time of year, the photo sessions are fewer and farther between. Unlike the summer and fall, where it’s non-stop for months! I was thrilled when Katie, my dance student’s mom, reached out and asked me to be their Castle Rock family photographer! In April, the weather is totally unpredictable – it will snow, then a few days later be almost 70°….then it will snow again (and possibly throw in a blizzard). But we got lucky with decent temps, even if it was a bit cloudy.

This session specifically focused on Katie and Michael’s three daughters, Harper, Alwyn, and Leighton. Harper (in the floral print) is the oldest sister whom her Mom describes as an old soul. Alwyn (in blue) loves to dance and is one of my dance students. Leighton (in cream) loves to swim and play piano. After teaching dance for so, so many years, I feel like teenage girls are my specialty. I’m so used to their silliness, giggliness, and overall general enthusiasm and loud bursts of laughter. These three girls lived up to all of that and had such a fun time!

For these types of sessions, I love to focus on laughter and natural movements. Lots of walking and play time, less looking at the camera and smiling. Of course I capture those “grandma shots,” but what really inspires me is the unintentional moments. Especially when it includes blowing wind and billowing fabric! There are plenty of verbal prompts, but my favorite from this session was, by far, Katie’s “Look at the deer poop!” instruction!!!

If you’re looking for a Castle Rock family photographer, let me know here! I’d love to hear all about your plans!

*All dresses are from my Client Closet.

Three sisters walk hand-in-hand down a dirt path in Castle Rock.
Castle Rock family photographer
Three sisters run in the field at Dawson's Butte in Castle Rock.
Castle Rock family photographer
Sisters play at Dawson's Butte in Castle Rock.
A family takes photos at Castle Rock's Dawson's Butte.
Castle Rock family photographer
Family sisters play and run at Dawson's Butte in Castle Rock.
Castle Rock family photographer
Castle Rock family photographer

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Mary Ann is so much fun to work with! She was able to keep the kids focused and entertained while capturing incredible family photos. The whole family had a blast, and we really enjoyed her style and approach.” – Jenn R.

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